11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner Blogger Make

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner Blogger Make

Have you been thinking about starting a blog? I can tell you now it’s a long process and not something you can do in one night and be done with it. After one year of blogging and learning everything by myself without any courses, I’ve come up with these beginner blogger mistakes I wish I could have avoided.

1. Used Free Domain 

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner  Blogger Make
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The only positive thing about free domains and hosting packages is that they are free, As a beginner blogger, you will not get this but that brings many other negative things, such as limited space, Bad domain extensions, and other things.

Free domain and hosting I will recommend only those who are beginner bloggers just starting to learn and create a website.

A disadvantage of free domain

  • SEO Unfriendly 
  • No guarantee of appearing in search engines.

2. Not Choosing Good Hosting 

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We always want services which are the fastest, cheapest, always performing and never giving us any problems for our websites.

 Free hosting is tempting to pay nothing, but it’s the only advantage because there are a lot of disadvantages for your website, And it will not be much like a free hostess. if you are a beginner blogger and want to buy hosting then go for a reputed one

Here are the main problems you may encounter in free hosting

  • Limitations
  • slow speed
  • No warning
  • A lack of customer support
  • Ads

3. Not Being Consistent

If your blog drives a good chunk of traffic to your site, It’s never a good idea to pause content creation. everyday peoples start thousand of new blogs and new websites with different niches. blogging journey is not a cup of tea. if you want to be a successful blogger start getting knowledge from people who are in your industry. because knowledge is the key. without knowledge, you cant make a blogging career.

Your content is one of the biggest reasons people visit your blog often because they get fresh content to read on your site. If you put a pause on that

This is one of the mistakes that beginner blogger should avoid,

4. Ignore Social Media Traffic

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner  Blogger Make
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Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are good traffic sources start creating social media handles for your blogs, do your marketing on social media sites start to mention your blogging world compititors.

Sharing your content multiple times on social media can trigger strong reactions. Some people don’t care for the practice of sharing the same content more than once on a social account and this is a biggest blogging mistake that amateur bloggers make,

5. Underestimating How Much Work It Is

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner  Blogger Make
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Blogging is not for everybody and not an easy way to make money. you have to work hard to make money through blogging and the interesting thing about blogging is worry about progress and when they don’t find results they quiet this comes in worst blogging mistakes that blogger make in initial.

It takes time to create a decent audience and rank on Google, Blogging involved a lot of efforts and patience

You must enjoy creating content, you have to write 3-4 posts in a week.

6. Assuming That Blogging Only Means Writing

The biggest mistake that blogger thinks that blogging means only writing but it is wrong perception blogging means using WordPress doing SEO, sem keywords research and many more I always thought I can be a blogger. I just need to write one post per week which I can easily do in a day and then I’ll be done. That’s very far from the truth. While you should spend a good amount of time coming up with high-quality content the majority of your time will not be spent writing.

A huge part of blogging is promoting your blog posts and engaging with people. You can’t just write an article, click post, and be done. The real work begins after you finished writing and now need to make sure the world sees your post. If you love writing that’s great, but blogging is about so much more. Just being a good writer won’t guarantee success.

7. Neglecting SEO

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner  Blogger Make

SEO can help you boost your credibility, earn more traffic, and improve your online visibility. Plus, you’ll achieve all of those results by spending a cent on ad space.

Nowadays, everything is becoming digital and it becomes essential for every business owner to focus on the online advertising of their businesses.

If you are a blogger and still not focusing on SEO, Then you are losing a lot of your potential audience.  

Neglecting SEO is the biggest mistake that every blogger does at the start.

8. Email List Building 

Email marketing  Beginner  Blogger
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A building email list is the most important part of blogging.

If you already started your blog and thinking of start list building or not, then I recommend you to go for it because email list building is one of the best methods to catch your loyal subscribers. 

Advantage of list building

  • Emails Help You to Build Intimate Relationship with Users
  • Email gives a more quality audience 

9. Making No Plans

 research Beginner Blogger
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Blogging is a rapidly growing industry and plenty of people find a job as a blogger so make the plan go original and write often.

10. Failing to Make Backlinks

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Backlinks are an important part of SEO because backlink will help you rank on Google if you do proper on-page and off-page SEO

If you are beginners in the field and want to understand what backlink is actually? and create more backlinks

11. Not Doing Enough Research 

11 Awful Mistakes That Every Beginner  Blogger Make
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You can not be a good blogger without being a good researcher. When you do research, you can understand your audience and write relevant articles that are useful for your readers.

amateur blog owners always miss this step and failed to rank their blog on a search engine, readers please avoid this mistake if really want to be a successful blogger.

I hope you likes this article here I try to cover amateur blogger mistakes .

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