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Shimla is the capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills. Once the summer capital of British India, Shimla also known as Simla, and the largest city in India.

Top tourist attraction of shimla.

1.Green valley

Green valley  shimla
Green valley

This place is as the name suggests is full of trees and you can see the greenery everywhere once you look around. Everything seems peaceful and quiet here and you get positive vibes here. Love visiting this place. Worth a try for nature lovers


Kufri shimla 
Things to do in shimala

The journey from Shimla to Kufri is good, but little rough. However, once at Kufri, there is not much else to do except for the horse ride trip to the viewpoints. The route is covered in mud and horse poop, so can not be traversed on foot. The horse ride is nice, though the incline, once hard ground appears

3.The Ridge

Places to visit in shimla
The ridge

This is a very spacious open place where all tourists gather and enjoy the ambience of lovely natural views , have snacks and revel in the atmosphere . Must visit this place during Shimla visit. We did not know about the Ridge until, luckily, by chance, as we had a long walk along Mall road and wanted to see the church, we happened to experience the Ridge

4.Himalayan bird park

Himalayan bird park
Bird pakr

wonderful place for nature lovers,

Best time to visit in Shimla

March to June: This is a popular tourist season in Shimla as the weather is quite pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities. The temperature is comfortable and usually varies between 15°C and 30°C. If you are into adventure sports then this is the ideal time to try paragliding, treaking , camping and rafting.

November to February. This time is ideal for snow-activities like skiing and exploring the snow-covered surroundings. Tourism thrives in Shimla in all the seasons other than the monsoons which begin in July and last till September.

Travel seasons and weather in Shimla.

In shimala
January to June 9-37 °CSpring – Summer, Warm
July to October 17-32 °CMonsoon, Heavy rainfall
November to January 4-25 °CWinter and Snowfall

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