Top 10 Travel Influencers To Follow in 2021

top 10 travel influencers

In the age of social media, tourism trends are increasingly being shaped by the influencers in the travel world.

Influencers play a vital role in guiding their audience and directing them towards a better travel experience.

So if you are all about living a large and luxurious travel life, you have to follow these luxury travel influencers. Watch them define luxury for you right here!


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1.Jay Alvarrez

Jay Alvarrez
source insta

Jay Alvarrez is a 26-year-old male travel blogger and surfer with a lifestyle that most men can only dream of. From sunny LA to skydiving in Bora Bora, this adventurous travel influencer has seen it all.

Jay Alvarrez is an American social media personality and he has more than 6 million followers on Instagram

also, He is famous for his traveling videos on YouTube and he has more than 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel

through his social media handle, he has explored many destinations

Instagram influencer became popular for his Instagram posts featuring his travels to exotic and luxury locations, often participating in extreme sports like skydiving, surfing, and skating and his photography.

source YouTube

according to google. He currently has an estimated net worth of approximately $3.5 million, with much of his fortune coming from his modeling career and social media fame he has done modeling for a famous brand like Levi’s. Jay makes approximately $20,000 per sponsored post he shares on Instagram and in the past has made almost $30,000 per month from Youtube ad revenue. jay is known as the best travel influencers on Instagram. he has created his fan base through his adventures traveling, he is one of the best photographers in the travel influencer industry and he is focused on his work and an inspiration for aspiring travelers

2.Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepnes
source google

Matthew Kepnes is an American travel blogger and New York Times, bestselling author.

In 2008, Kepnes started to record his stories and monetize his traveling. He also runs an online blogging school called Superstar Blogging where he offers online courses in blogging and also hosts other courses, including a course on photography run by travel photographer 


3.Shivya Nath

travel influence Shivya nath
Shivya Nath

shivya Nath is a travel blogger. social media consultant and author by profession, and one of the best travel Instagram influencers she is best known in the globe for her travel blog and book title The shooting star.

she received immense recognition and worked for several popular magazines such as BBC Travel, the Hindu, Times of India, and many more.

4.Anuradha Goyal

tarvel influencer Anuradha Goyal
source google

Anuradha Goyal is a travel enthusiast and blogger ( She is also the author of “Mouse charmers: Digital pioneers of India”, and has co-authored the “India innovates” series for the CII. She lives in Goa. 

before starting a travel blog, she was doing a job in an IT company.

In INDITELS Anuradha Goyal. Cover travel stories, travel tips from India and around the world.

she has traveled around 18 countries.

She has published multiple papers in various forums and journals and is an active blogger. she regularly published her views on innovation, both for established organizations and for startups.


Digital Innovation Award 2014

Best digital content award at Digital Women Award in 2015. 

Outlook Traveller nominated IndiTales in the best travel blog category.

Pt Deen Dayal Upadhaya Award for Reengineering India 2020

5.Murad Osmann

murad  Osamann
source google

Osmann is a leading Travel influencer with an influencer score of 96, from influencer marketing platform Klear. He is best known for the “Follow Me” project that began in Barcelona, Spain

Osmann was born in the mountains of Russia. In 1990, he has discovered many destinations,

Murad is one of the top travel influencers by Forbes.

 His #followmeto campaign with his wife Natalia became iconic as they traveled the world together while taking photos in their now-signature pose – Natalia holding Osmann’s hand while her back is turned towards the scenery. His infamous photography has shown up everywhere from Times Square and at Art Basel.

6.Chris Burkard

source google

Chris Burkard is known for his signature stunning landscape photos taken from above.

His images aim to depict aerial views as art as well as include an occasional animal or human subjects. He is a professional photographer, author, speaker, and one of the most followed travel influencers. Chris is based in the California Central Coast region.

7.Ajay Sood

Having won the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award and several other blogging contests, Ajay Sood needs no introduction in the travel space.

Though he wears many hats such as a TBEX speaker and a travel blogger, photography is his forte. Justly called Travelure, his Instagram feed takes you on a virtual tour of the true essence of India and its culture.

8.Siddhartha Joshi

Travel influencer Siddhartha Joshi

What started as an evening timepass to share his travel story with his friends is now a consistently top-rating blog called Sid-The Wanderer. “I blog, I design, I travel and it all started with my love and curiosity to study people”, says Siddhartha and his work speak for it.

9.Jessica Stein

travel influencer Jessica Stein
source google

Jessica Stein is an Australian travel blogger and a proud mommy as of April 2017. Her content is simply raw and authentic, featuring vintage and designer clothes while she trots around the globe. named her one of the most influential style bloggers in 2013. Stein’s adventures tug at our heartstrings as her work centers around her daughter who is diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 3—an extremely rare chromosome disorder. She uses Instagram as a platform to inspire mothers and bring awareness to chromosome disorders, creating a community of fellow mothers and explorers.

10.Tara Milk

Travel bloggers  Tara Milk
source google

Tara Milk Tea is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer based out of Sydney. She is known for her playful and dreamy styling and photography. Tara has worked with some of the most notable brands, including Louis Vuitton.

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